I went to pickup a package this morning (01/11/18) around 8:45 AM and provide the airbill # and the guy at the counter get the paper work and make me to sign the form then he come back and tell me its not yet arrived and the guy left (I think shift change) and a new...
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We came to pick up our new puppy and the customer service at the Seattle/Tacoma Transiplex building was beyond horrible. We have been waiting over an hour, the employees are c...

Dfw Airport, Texas
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Since 2 months ago I’m still waiting for my cargo that haven’t been sent to SAL, the company has been giving me the run around stating they will send the cargo and they don’t even know where it is , after 87 emails sent.. they decided to just NOT REPLY ANYMORE .. they...
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I work for a freight company delivering cargo to airlines and american is one of the worst ones just to deliver a pallet you could be there for about 3 to 4 hours and the employee s do not care you see them most of the time on their phone i will be posting a video. My...
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Short Review on December 10, 2016

Craigslist, ny posting Shipping co to ship 2 kittens from Oregon goes by tge nane aacargo. Not showing up anywhere. They scammed me out of $350. Whome thing ridiculous. Contact me If u want more information
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American Airlines Cargo Shipping Animals Review from Fort Worth, Texas
We show dogs and so we ship dogs very frequently, some as often as two weekends a month. We also ship dogs domestically for breeding, and internationally when sold. It is rare that I have been turned down at the Cargo office for a crate they deem "too small". I have a...
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